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Acai Berry Side Effects

The current surge in popularity of the acai berry for diet and weight loss purposes will no doubt lead to acai being put in all sorts of diet pills and weight loss supplements. Keep in mind that the acai in these products will probably be in there as a minor ingredient along with goodness knows what else. Your best bet is to stick with a quality acai-only supplement. You will get all of the positive health and weight loss benefits without having to worry about harmful ingredients or side effects.

Many people are asking if there are any side effects from acai berry. People taking medication for problems such as high blood pressure are especially paranoid and rightfully so, about mixing their medication with anything. Still, we usually have a chuckle at this question. It is like asking “What are the side effects to eating durian?”, because, just like durian, the acai berry is wholly natural and completely safe. Acai berry pulp, acai berry juice, and quality acai supplements, will be completely free of any negative side effects.

Acai berry by itself is completely free of side effects. However, some increasingly popular acai products contain guarana. Guarana, also a wonderful discovery from the Amazon, is a syrup that’s often used as a stimulant and appetite suppressant. But it does contain caffeine, so be aware that any negative side effects of caffeine also apply to any acai product mixed with guarana.


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