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Dealing with Acai Berry Scams

Consumer Complaint - Acai Berry Detox

Some consumers are showing concerns about certain Acai Berry sellers such as Detox Program, UMG Travel Program, UMG Buyedg Program, LifeCleanse product and the like. What happens typically is that a consumer visits a website that promotes an Acai Program and orders a sample of their product. The next thing he knows he is a member of some program called UMG Travel, for example. Consumer is then charged $1.00 for the membership. He may also be opted into a membership for LifeCleanse which is distributed by a company called LifeCleanse - RX from Hollywood Florida...and appears to be somehow connected to FWM Laboratories. At the bottom of the website the copywrite is in the name of FWM Laboratories. He ultimately will be charged $1.00 for the two UMG programs, $3.95 for the Acai Berry Detox, and then $5.95 and $5.95 but then the big slam came with a charge for $87.13. He was charged the $87.13 because he did not opt-out of the Acai Berry Detox or the LifeCleanse program, which ever one it was before the 14 day trial period ended.

With FWM Laboratories it appears that when you opt in to any of their programs or offers you automatically get opted in to their other programs or memberships as well and if you do not cancel each one individually you will be charged whatever the fee is for the product or membership.

To cancel the services, you should call the following numbers:

Acai Berry Detox (866) 949-0138
UMG Travel (888) 859-2051
UMG BUYEDG (800) 447-7776
UMG BUYEDG (888) 873-1669
LifeCleanse (866) 949-0138

Please, be careful or you will get a whole bunch of charges to your card and then you will have to try and get re-funds or destroy your card and get a new one. And if you do not get your refunds please let me know. You will want to contact the Florida State Attorney General's office as well as the AG office in your state. And one final question to ponder: How are all of these companies getting our credit card or debit card information? Who is selling our information to these companies? I do not know about you, but I would sure like to know.


sanjay said...

Acai Berry scams and read the fine print before buying anything can very careful purchase any things.
Acai scam

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