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Acai Berry Juice

You will be amazed but the aboriginal tribes of the Amazon basin jungles have been making acai juice from time of old. They get it from the acai berries and use it as a remedy for countless of illnesses and for preventive measures.

Today, many producers on the market offer acai juice made with their own processes. Many brands like Amazon Thunder is popular among them. It is made from the pulp of the acai berry and is preservative-free. Besides pure acai juices, the market offers acai juice in combination with other ingredients, such as Cacao, Mango, Pomegranate, Blueberry and others. This makes it possible for the consumer to enjoy other types of fruits with the acai juice of his or her choice. Other than the Amazon Thunder, famous for its 100% pure acai juice, Mona Vie juices are also worth mentioning. This company produces acai juice in combination with many nutritious fruits, such as grapes, banana, apricot, pear, passion fruit, kiwi, prune, blueberry, cranberry, bilberry and many more.

What is then to note in all this publicity about Acai Berry Juice? Why is it so popular now? It all boils down to its properties, which make it highly beneficial as far as our health is concerned. The delicious taste of the juice perfectly complements its other characteristics. The uniqueness of the acai berry is proved by the fact that a multitude of healthy ingredients found in a number of different fruits are contained in this single type of berry. Acai juice contains highly concentrated antioxidants, something worth taking into consideration as well.

It should now come as no surprise that the list of benefits associated with the acai berry juice is almost infinite. The following are just a few ways in which acai juice can contribute to your health:

- Fights the aging process with anti-oxidants
- Enhances the sexual libido
- Source of all the basic vitamins and minerals
- Boosts our immune system
- Detoxifies our system
- Good sleep
- Increases our level of energy
- Helps the digestive system
- Helps us lose weight and maintain it
- Makes the skin look healthy and moisturized
- Can prevent certain diseases and provides rejuvenating properties

In order to improve our health and sustain it, experts suggest to use 100% pure acai berry juice. As delicious as combinations of acai juice with other fruits may be, you should be careful in selecting your product. You should pay special attention to what exactly are you purchasing, since combinations and other formulations may not necessarily furnish the same benefits as pure acai berry juice does.


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